Privacy Policy


M SUR LA MONTAGNE PRIVACY POLICY requests and maintains only the minimal amount of information about its clients in order to send you updates pertaining to our gated community.

We will not, under any circumstances, divulge any information whatsoever to any other company or individual. (The only exception is if we are obliged to provide information by a law enforcement agency, a very remote possibility, given the innocuous nature of our enterprise.)

We save e-mail, phone numbers and notes on correspondence with those who contact us. We also keep the contact information of those who subscribe to our newsletter. We do not and never will collect any other information pertaining to our clients.

When you register with us, we have never and will never attempt to send any spyware or malware of any kind.

We will call you or send you e-mail only under the following conditions:

  • If you initiate the correspondence

  • If and only if you register and opt to receive notices, we will send news, photos and other information about the Msurlamontagne site.

Under no circumstances will we contact for any other purpose.

Again, we will not deliberately provide of our clients' information to any other company or individual. We take reasonable steps to protect such information from hackers etc.